Indigo Kit
Indigo Kit

Indigo Kit

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Indigo bearing plants are the world's best source of natural, true, colourfast blue.

This kit contains the pre-measured ingredients to create one organic fructose vat, with which you can dye quite a bit of fibre - how much a kit will dye depends on a few things, including how dark you want the blue to be, and what fibres you use.

But it will dye a lot! You could expect to dye at least 5 yards of a medium weight cotton such as a quilting cotton, to a medium blue, and probably more, and darker if you wish.

The kit also includes comprehensive instructions on how to create the vat, how to use it for dyeing, and how to maintain it.

Contents:  25g indigo powder, extracted from the indigofera tinctoria plant, 50g pickling lime (calcium hydroxide), 75g fructose sugar

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